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Family Addiction Counselling & Trauma Support

Family Dispute

The thought of losing our loved one has us reacting from a place of fear. We jump on the roller coaster alongside them, moving at uncontrollably high speeds and steep falls. Our sense of Self seems distant, awareness is minimal, our needs irrelevant, our voice trembles; we are simply surviving. We’re exhausted, fearful, angry, sad, and at a loss with support.

Addiction impacts the entire family. When a loved one is in active use, each member of the family will take on roles to balance the familial system. While we may experience a felt sense of relief when our loved one steps onto their healing journey, the residual impact remains.


The stigma and shame surrounding addiction creates barriers not only for the individual experiencing addiction, but for their loved ones. It impacts every aspect of the family’s lives, yet they feel limited in accessing resources to support them through this journey. Whether or not your loved one has taken the first step to seeking support for themselves, or they’re still in active use, we are here for you.


How Do We Help?

Our FACTS (Family Addiction Counselling & Trauma Support) program focuses on YOUR recovery from addiction. We open space for you to connect once again. Connect to yourself, your surroundings, YOUR life. Our support is grounded in a multifaceted approach. With the use of various modalities, we educate you on the addiction process, guide you as you deepen self-awareness, hold your needs, create and communicate boundaries, and provide space for you to embody your Self.


Our team works with you and your family. We believe firmly in providing a team approach to family support. This carries a level of accountability and encourages complete honesty to work towards individual and common goals.


Step into healing and prioritize YOUR recovery from addiction.

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