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Virtual Counselling


What is Virtual Counselling?

Virtual Counselling is exactly that, counselling facilitated through a secure online platform. Two years ago, meeting with a counsellor in person was the primary approach to support. While this remains beneficial for some, virtual counselling has gained awareness and popularity in the counselling sector. 

Is It Effective?

Studies have demonstrated that counselling facilitated virtually is as effective as in-person therapy. Not only is it as effective as in-person treatment, but it has added benefits too. It is a flexible and approachable treatment option that provides a safe and confidential space for support. It removes barriers and is most ideal for those:

  • Living in remote locations

  • Who prefer to be in the comfort of their home

  • Experiencing physical limitations

  • Do not have access to reliable transportation

  • Are unable to take time off work

  • Have children

What are the Benefits?

Not only does Virtual Counselling remove barriers we often see with in-person sessions, it preserves time and provides safety. Taking time off work and commuting to an office is no longer an issue as it can be facilitated in the comfort of your chosen surroundings. 

Virtual Counselling expands your treatment options. Choosing a therapist who is best suited for your unique experience is made seamlessly as your physical locations won't interfere with scheduling appointments. 

With recent technological advances, this has proven to be an invaluable, simplified approach. Brianne Flaherty Counselling services ensures a safe, confidential and secure platform to support you on your recovery journey.

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