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Mission and Values Statement

Brianne Flaherty Counselling Services is a virtual mental health and addiction practice. Embracing the unique experiences of my clients, I have created a space of inclusivity, unity, empowerment, unconditional acceptance, and compassion.


The stigma and shame surrounding mental health and addiction creates one of the largest barriers to seeking support. We believe that transformation occurs when you experience trust and safety, and when you are seen, heard, validated and held . I am skillfully trained and passionate about self-awareness, growth and healing. I empower my clients to connect with their innate wisdom through mind, body and spirit. What this feels like is complete embodiment. What this looks like is curiosity, compassion, agency, advocacy and accountability.


The foundation from which we stand and elevate ourselves is grounded in our values. To step into this space is to step into:

  • Trust

  • Play

  • Curiosity

  • Wisdom

  • Connection

  • Compassion

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