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5 Tips to Help You in Recovery

You may be starting your recovery journey, or maybe you need a refresh button; either way, the options and information out there can be overwhelming! So much so that we end up staying stuck where we are. To help you kick start, or freshen up, your recovery journey I have provided 5 tips and tricks to allow you to move with ease!

  1. Connect to Your Why! It's true that you will explore your triggers and connect with ways to cope, but the truth is, you're not always going to be able to lean on those coping strategies. Sometimes it's a dialogue you have with yourself, realigning and reminding you of your purpose. WHY are you choosing to make this change in your life? Make it meaningful and connect from your heart.

  2. Set Clear Goals for Yourself. Whether you're practicing sobriety or a harm-reduction approach, it doesn't matter! What matters is that your goals are CLEAR to YOU. I always say where there's grey areas, there's going to be room for old thoughts, beliefs and habits to creep in. Protect your goals, know your boundaries and be your greatest advocate!

  3. Prepare for Discomfort. This is a big one, ya'll! I would be lying if I said the early stages of recovery are comfortable. It's simply not true. What is true is that you're going to feel uncomfortable, emotionally and physically. But don't worry, there's a few ways to approach this! First, check in with your expectations. Are you telling yourself you're going to start to feel better within the first few days, weeks? Let go of these expectations. When we move through the recovery journey with expectations, preconceived ideas about how it SHOULD be, we miss all of the beauty that IS. We miss all of the amazing changes we're already experiencing. The second way to approach this is to lay some comfy cushions down for yourself so when you experience this discomfort, you have a spot to lean in on. This could be connecting with a therapist to meet one-on-one, joining a group, stretching, or simply allowing yourself to cry it out in the arms of a loved one.

  4. Connect with Your Support Community! Addiction is exacerbated by shame. Shame tells you not to be seen. It tells you there's something inherently wrong with you. To break through this, you NEED to connect with a community. You NEED witness others, and allow yourself to be witnessed. You NEED to connect to the basics of human existence, community! Your community see's you for YOU. Your community supports you, validates you and gives you a space of unconditional acceptance.

  5. Step into Your Fears! I can't say this one enough. The chaos of addiction is familiar and predictable. It's within this where we get stuck. We know it's not good for us however it's all we know. To step outside of these walls is scary. There's discomfort, uncertainty and unknowns. This is all true AND there's possibility. There's hope, light, energy, fullness. The ONLY way to access this is through your fear.

This list isn't exhaustive, but let's be honest, stepping into unknown territory is already a little overwhelming. This list condenses and refines the vast information you will come across so you can cultivate a recovery path designed specifically for you!

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